How models are exponentially growing their worth with assistance from girls of BitClout

In the age of influencers, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have become completely saturated with models, musicians, actors, and entrepreneurs trying to get themselves or their products into the spotlight.


Each platform has its benefits and can earn an influencer a decent amount of money if they know the ins and outs of using it. However, all of these platforms are run by big corporations who monitor personal data and take their cuts by charging fees and forcing advertisements on members.

BitClout is an up-and-coming social media platform that's unlike any other. It's a completely decentralized platform that's run on blockchain technology with its own form of cryptocurrency. In this place, influencers can control their worth and receive the entire profit for their efforts. Girls of BitClout is an agency on the site that's focused on helping models break free from their social media chains and get a head start on the social media platform of the future.

The Modeling Agency of the Future

Girls of BitClout stands apart from other content agencies because they're the first and only one focused on bringing models into the world of cryptocurrency. When a model signs up for a membership on BitClout, they get their own cryptocurrency, which can rise in value based on their efforts within the platform.


The platform and agency are still in the early stages of development, and the founders of Girls of BitClout are scouting for models who want to get ahead of the game. In their first week, they onboarded six notable names in the modeling industry, which include:

· @courtneytailor: Instagram Lifestyle model with over 1.9 million followers

· @kierstansaulter: Instagram model and star of Love Island season two with over 228,000 followers

· @taylerelaine_: Instagram Playboy 4x cover Playmate with over 272,000 followers

· @sara_wilson1: Instagram Lifestyle and film and TV model with over 124,000 followers


· @foxx_yulia: International Playboy Playmate with over 354,000 followers

· @audreydiazz_: Fashion and Lifestyle model and star of MTV's Are You the One with over 75,000 followers

Girls of BitClout has introduced girls to the platform whose token prices have risen from $0 to as high as over $2,000, with their own holdings valued at over $40,000 in less than two days. They're encouraging more models to join them and change the content marketing game.

Big Goals Ahead

Since Girls of BitClout is still in its early stages of development, they have many big ideas that haven't yet come to fruition. One of their goals is to become the go-to distribution platform for the models of BitClout. They want it to be universally known that "if you are a model, and you want to get on BitClout, you should engage with Girls of BitClout." The agency's role is to make the onboarding process easy and make sure their models maximize value through the platform.


Another goal for Girls of BitClout is to become the go-to feed for BitClout users interested in finding models they can support and interact with on BitClout.

They are also in conversations to bring on one or two big brand ambassadors at the level of Mia Khalifa, Cardi B, or Sommer Ray. The brand ambassador(s) will be tremendous for propelling Girls of BitClout to the next level.

Girls of BitClout is the modeling agency of the future. Models who join now have the privilege of getting in on the ground floor before the platform skyrockets. They can start building a brand new user base while getting valuable tips on content creation and increasing the value of their BitClout currency before the space is saturated.


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