4 creative ways to get your money back even if you're shy to ask

We've all been there, right? Lending money to friends feels good until it's time for them to pay back.

Take your money back. Photo credits: Riska

asking for your money can be a daunting task, especially for the introverts among us. Fear not, shy friends!

Here are four creative and less confrontational ways to get your money back while keeping your cool.

1. The friendly reminder via text

If face-to-face feels too intense, why not use the power of texting? Draft a light-hearted message, maybe even throw in a joke or a meme related to money.


It eases the tension and gets your point across without a direct confrontation. Something like, "Hey, remember that cash I turned into your personal ATM? Time for a mini cashback session!" could work wonders.

2. Collaborative payment request apps

In the era of technology, let apps do the talking. Use a payment request feature on mobile banking or money transfer apps.

It's a straightforward, emotion-free way to remind them of the debt. These apps are impersonal, reducing the awkwardness and serving as a gentle nudge to your friend.

3. The 'Planning for Something' approach


Incorporate your request into a conversation about upcoming plans or needs. For instance, "I'm saving up for this new gadget and could really use the cash I lent you to boost my savings.

Could you help me out?" This method makes your request seem more about your needs than their debt, easing the tension.

4. The mutual friend messenger

Sometimes, a mutual friend can be your ally. If you're too shy to bring up the topic directly, maybe a close mutual friend can drop a subtle hint on your behalf.

It's less direct but can effectively convey the message without putting you in an uncomfortable spot.


Being shy doesn't mean you can't get your hard-earned money back. With a dash of creativity and the right approach, you can navigate this delicate situation with ease and grace.

After all, it's about getting your funds back while maintaining those valuable friendships.


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