3 ways you can prevent pregnancy using castor oil

In the landscape of contraception, where science and tradition intersect, some methods certainly raise eyebrows and spark curiosity.

Castor oil (ohthatglow)

Among these, the use of castor seeds to prevent pregnancy stands out as a method shrouded in both intrigue and skepticism.

Today let's dive into 3 ways castor castor oil can be used as natural birth control.

  1. The castor oil pack method

What you need.


Organic castor oil

Cotton cloth

Plastic wrap

Hot water bottle

  1. Take a piece of flannel or cotton cloth and fold it so it has multiple layers. Soak it in organic castor oil until it's fully wet but not overly dripping.
  2. Put this soaked cloth on your lower belly area, aiming to cover where your uterus and ovaries are.
  3. Use plastic wrap to cover the cloth. This is to keep your clothes and furniture from getting oily.
  4. Place a hot water bottle or heating pad over the wrapped area. The warmth helps the skin soak up the oil better.
  5. Keep everything in place for about 30 to 60 minutes, relaxing while the pack does its work.
  6. After time's up, take off the pack. You can massage your belly gently to help any remaining oil get into your skin.

For this to be effective it needs to be done, 3-4 times a week and over 20 times a month.

2. The ingestion method

Taking castor oil by mouth as a form of birth control is another, though less common, method some women consider. This approach should be used cautiously because castor oil is a powerful laxative and can lead to stomach upset.

If you're thinking about drinking castor oil to prevent pregnancy, it's wise to begin with a tiny amount and only increase it if necessary.

Always consult with a healthcare expert before trying this method to make sure it's suitable and safe for your health.


3. The vaginal application method

Another technique some women use involves applying castor oil directly inside the vagina. The belief is that it creates a hostile environment for sperm and stops fertilization.

Yet, there's little scientific proof backing this idea, making it an uncertain birth control method.

Should you opt to test this approach, choosing castor oil that's pure and high-quality is crucial. Look for oil without added substances or preservatives to minimize the risk of irritation.

No matter which method you're considering, prioritize your safety and stay informed. Additionally, always verify the quality of the castor oil before using it. Experimentation can be positive, but ensure it's done safely.

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