• Adam Sandler is getting Oscar buzz for his performance in the upcoming Uncut Gems.
  • The comedy veteran says when he was younger, he actually thought Billy Madison would have a chance.
  • Sandler is known for his crude comedies, but the wild Uncut Gems is earning career-best reviews.

This sentence might sound impossible, but you better believe it: Adam Sandler is getting Oscar Buzz. And while he said he can hardly believe it either, there was an earlier film he made in his younger days that he did think had a chance: Billy Madison.

With buzz coming his way for the upcoming film Uncut Gems, Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to ask Sandler if he ever saw such a development happening in his career. "No!" Sandler said with a laugh. "No, no, no. I think when I was young I thought Billy Madison , or something, had a shot. But they took that away from me, so I stopped dreaming."

While, yes, he's mostly known for the silly and crude comedies that have made up the majority of his roles , Sandler is actually a better actor than you might think. When he wants to be, he's proven an adept performer in dramedies (Judd Apatow's Funny People), tragedies (Reign Over Me), and all around bizarre character studies (Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch Drunk Love). Other roles, like in Noah Baumbach's The Meyerowitz Stories, make a strong mix of those sorts of skills, allowing Sandler to mix his comedy chops with the sad longing that he's actually quite good at. Even in more traditional Sandler fare like The Wedding Singer and Click, he's shown flashes. Guys, Adam Sandler is good!

Uncut Gems, though, is unlike any of these other movies. Directed by The Safdie Brothers (who oversaw quite possibly the most insane Robert Pattinson performance in Good Time , which is really saying something ), the movie finds Sandler as an off-the-rails jeweler with a compulsive gambling addiction, running all around New York City, making huge bets, and getting into trouble.

In addition to a stellar cast of actors led by Sandler, the movie also includes former NBA star Kevin Garnett, R+B Star The Weeknd , and sports talk radio host Mike Francesa .

Sandler also talked to Fallon about the research he did for his jeweler character. Not only does he look different than he usually does, and talk different than he usually does, but he also did research with the actual jewelers in New York City's Diamond District. "I couldn't let the character go," he said, describing that he was given a loupe magnifying glass . "I started looking at everybody's jewelry to see if it was good or bad. And then, this is the weirdest thing I discovered...I have penis! I had no idea! I was so excited."

Penis joke! There's the Sandler we know and love.

From all accounts, the movie is great. It currently sits at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes , and if this is the movie that gets the Sandman on stage at the Oscars? Well, it'll all be worth it then, won't it?