Kody Frysinger and Mitch Joliff had been best friends since high school. So, when Brittney and Kody got engaged, they felt it only right to include Mitch, who would later be their best man, in the shoot.

If it sounds unorthodox now, just wait until you see the photos. They are so ridiculously relatable and hilarious that there is no doubt this "third wheel" photo trend is just getting started.

Kody and Mitch met when they were in high school, over seven years ago, as reported by Yahoo Style. Kody and Brittney started dating around the same time. So just to clarify really quick, that's seven years of unyielding third-wheeling. We'd just like to take a brief moment to applaud your patience and perseverance, Mitch, because, damn.

When it came time to take engagement photos, the couple wanted to pay homage to the man who made their tricycle complete. The photo starts off like your typical western-inspired engagement shot—the bottom of the couple's boots spell out "I do." Then there's Mitch to the far right, with the most passive-aggressive shoe soles known to man: "n't." Legend.

But wait, he also made a hilarious cameo in one of the couple's wedding photos. This time, the bottom of Brittney's boots spell out, "I won." Mitch's boots? "Shut up."

As a small-town photographer from Forest, Ohio, Lindsey Burger was shocked when the photos blew up on the Internet. Apparently, Burger posted the photos online, went to take a nap, and came back to over 300 shares. "All of a sudden it just kept doubling and quadrupling," she told Yahoo Style, "In about six hours, it was up to 16,000 shares, and it exploded."

Mitch, your shoes say what third wheels everywhere feel, and we love it.