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Mark is the co-host of the super popular podcast Mark Bell’s PowerCast which I personally listen to on a regular basis. He’s also the patent-holding inventor of several game-changing fitness products including the Sling Shot and the Hip Circle available at

This might be my favorite podcast we've done yet. It's basically 2 hours of story-telling and motivation. And Mark has one helluva story to tell. After all, he went from a pro wrestler to a record-breaking powerlifter to a successful inventor.

Mark calls himself a "Meathead Millionaire" because he's managed to achieve financial freedom while doing what he loves: lifting heavy weights and promoting the sport of powerlifting.

"It all kind of started for me one day in my basement when I was benching with my older brothers at the age of 13," says Bell. "It was kind of a like that scene from that Bruce Willis movie 'Unbreakable'... they kept adding weight to the bar and I kept pushing it up. I made it all the way up to 245 pounds or so and it became kind of clear to everyone in the room that I was gifted with some raw strength."

Mark fell in love with the iron game and was also a huge wrestling fan growing up. So naturally he became a pro wrestler under the nickname "Smelly" with a signature move called the stink bomb. "My older brothers used to pick on me and called me 'Smelly" so naturally that seemed like the right persona to create for the ring."