Last week,

Want to see what we’re talking about? No? Well, here are a couple of images anyway:

Plus a close-up:

Plus, here it is in video form:

Now, it wasn’t exactly the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter, but Shaq’s busted paw still went viral, and even prompted this apology from his prep star son, Shareef:

Now, when somebody has fixable problems, it’s best to address them, right? (Want to fix your gross feet? Here's what you can do.) And that’s exactly the route Shaq went during the pre-Finals break of the NBA playoffs. On Wednesday, less than a week after mildly grossing-out America's postgame enthusiasts, Shaq got himself a pedicure at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and posted it onto Instagram. Note the sheer size of his foot when there are actual things in the frame to compare it to.

Shaq also posted three more clips.

After what we can only imagine was an 8-hour ordeal, Big Diesel gave us a shot of the finished product. Damn, give that place a 5-star Yelp review.