Retirees, who are hale and hearty can make

  • Try babysitting

Don’t just babysit, make a difference. Teach the children practical courses that will add value to their life. You can earn money while impacting your knowledge in others.

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  • Try your hand at entrepreneurship

This the right time to turn your hobby into a money-making venture. It’s never too late to develop your skills and let the world benefit from your hidden passion. It could be art, culinary skills or even teaching. Talk to the right people and get yourself busy.

  • Be a movie star

You said you can’t be the next movie star after you hit 60. It’s all about hard work and dedication to the profession. You can take up cameo roles or few scenes to earn money for yourself and have an active life.

  • Be a freelancer photographer

If you have any skill in photography? Get a quality camera and make money by selling your photos to websites. Think outside the box and take shots that are very rare to find online and upload to your blog or share exclusively with your partner for money.

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  • Become an event planner

Event planning involves a lot of hard work but with dedication and a reliable team, you can build a solid clientele. You can start by planning events for family and friends.

Make sure you take photos and share on your social media to attract new prospective clients. Make an announcement in your church and offer them reduced prices for top-notch services.