When we spend money, two things inevitably occupy our minds about the

Many of us have experienced the latter several times, but when this happens, do we really bother to know why we feel terrible after spending the money we legit work for? Most times, we don't, we only swallow the guilt and move on.

However, if you've never tried to question why you feel guilty about spending your own money, here are three reasons it happens.

1. You don't earn sufficient money

When you don't earn enough and you spend your money on an item, you'll most likely feel bad about buying the item even if the item is a genuine need.

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2. You spend on impulse

Nobody regrets spending money like impulse buyers. Impulse buying is a tendency to buy a product or service without planning in advance. It plays with your mind and a want becomes a need in a matter of seconds.

This thoughtless buying explains why impulse spenders always feel guilty about their expenses because they allow their impulse to dictate what they buy.

3. You like to save

Some people like to save not just because they have a goal in mind, but because saving has become a habit and they really can't do without saving.

When such people spend their money on an expense, they tend to feel some pangs of guilt.