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In reality, it’s a lot more common than you think and completely possible if you have the right mentality and attitude to become rich. brings to you ten signs that tell you are destined to be a billionaire.


Now this plays a significant role amongst the promising signs. It is entirely practical. Given our age, we the upcoming affluent still have time to climb the corporate ladder, and if you are in a very lucrative field of work or profession — (football, medical fields, Information technology, finance and accounting), that climb can make you rich.

It’s not that people outside those businesses are can’t be potential merchants, but the idea here is pretty simple: If the people at the top ends of your business are not millionaires, it’s a sign that it will be tough for you to do better.

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2. Open minded

If you are entirely open minded and very abreast with your surroundings and environs, you fall in this category. Such people always know when an opportunity is going to present itself and immediately hook on to it.

You could then you could be losing out on making a fortune if you closed minded or centered on just some few people. This cuts across believe, gender and even sexuality. You seem quite unbothered about things like that and could familiarize with anyone.

3.Money making mentor

Idolizing a money-making figure could unconsciously or consciously set you following his or her steps. Think about that for a second.

If you’re spending majority of your time obsessing over some persona or personality who doesn’t have a drive, then do you think that they’re going to influence you in being motivated and optimistic?

4.A thick skin

A rich man one asserted “He can’t teach people how to be rich but one thing he can tell is how one can fail; thinking about what others say about them”.

If you’re usually consumed by what others think of you, you’re allowing yourself to be held back. Instead of worrying what others think about you, the wealthy have a thick skin thanks to being mentally tough.

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5. Walk the talk

If you are one who maximize his strength when comes to putting your plans and ideas on the go, you are a potential billionaire.

Rich folks just don’t dream, they capitalize on their greatest strengths and then surround themselves with people who can enhance their weaknesses. Input in very keen

6.Time Scope

Emerging affluent investors, from a study, average 40 years old and have 27 years left before reaching the normal retirement age.

If you’re older than that and haven’t reached the level of the affluent, then the clock is working against you. (Fidelity defined “mass affluent” investors as ages 21 to 54 with investible assets of Ghc 250,000 to Ghc1 million.)

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7.  Investing than savingIt’s no secret that the wealthy are scant with their money. While they excel at investing and spending wisely, they also know that the best way to make money is to invest it. Such folks are potential billionaires.