Whether you are an employee or a sole proprietor, it is very important to take annual leave before the year ends.

Some workers think the company will not achieve its set targets when they take their leave. However, every employer wants his or her staff to be happy, energetic and motivated to bring out the best in them.

  • Increase performance at work

Taking a leave or vacation helps you to relax and make new plans for the days ahead. This is means of recharging your mental batteries after working effortlessly for months. Once, you return from work, you have fresh ideas and a new perspective on things affecting your work.

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  • Improved heart health

Some days away from work helps to promote your general wellbeing. For men, those who didn't take vacations had a 32 percent higher chance of dying from a heart attack than those who did take vacations.

  • To spend quality time with family

Nothing can be compared to time spent with family; it is so priceless. Spending time with family strengthens family ties. Also, families who enjoy group activities will develop strong relationships and handle stressful situations with ease.

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  • To boost happiness and satisfaction

Although we all love what we do, the mere fact of not going to work for some days puts smiles on our faces. Shift away from the daily grind to boost your mood and self-confidence to embark on other things you are passionate about. Sometimes being at one place for a long time, make you feel trapped. Take a vacation and explore.

  • Travel

Travelling helps you to engage in new activities in new places, you have an easier opportunity to release unwanted habits. It is very refreshing to surround yourself with people who don't know the encyclopedia of your past.

It reinforces your willingness to broaden your horizons, to get unstuck and to move in new directions.