Quick money saving tips for the week

A sure path to achieving financial freedom is to save. But then how can you save when you barely make enough for yourself?


You don’t need to be making thousand before you can save. Start with the little you have by making these simple lifestyle changes. 

These are 5 easy everyday activities that help you to save money. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and forfeiting it could spell doom for you. Aside from sending you on an eating rampage later in the day, it also puts you in a bad mood which is a recipe for disaster. 


A lot of people make the mistake of spending thinking they can save whatever is left. But unfortunately, the end up spending everything with nothing left to save. This week, make it a point to keep some money aside before you start spending. 


Shopping is harmless until you come home with half the things you need and the other half from impulse buying. To curb this menace, always make a shopping list of the things you need. And stick to it!

Although they may be convenient, they can put a strain on your finances. Plus you would be losing more money chasing after fad diets after packing on all that weight. 


Invest in meal planning to keep your diet and money on the check. Plus it also saves time too. 


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