There’s stuff you need and stuff you want and, you can only afford one category. Don’t go broke trying to survive. Follow these easy shopping tips and save big time. 

Have your shopping list ready

Shopping list

Always make a list of what you are going to buy and stick to it. It will prevent any impulsive buying. Remember the rule, if it’s not on it's not being bought!

Carry only the money you need


Excess money equals temptation, basically, you can’t spend money you don’t have. And keep the credit card at home. But keep a small extra for those emergencies. And remember when your money is finished, your shopping is done for the day.

Compare prices

Compare prices

Expand your shopping universe. Try other stores if you think your regular shop is a little bit on the high side for that product. Don’t buy a new item you see right away, go online or visit other shops to give you an idea of a fair price. 

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Negotiate when possible


Don’t be shy to haggle if you think you are getting a bad deal even in a retail store. You could talk to the store manager or salesperson for discounts on blemished items. 

Have a shopping time limit

Shopping time

Spending long hours just loitering about in the shop can increase your chances of impulsive buying. Are you done buying items on your list? Then get out of the store, you have no business there again. 

Buy basic clothes

Basic clothes

Unless it’s for a special occasion, best buy clothes in basic colours. Dark browns, black, nudes, whites etc. easily make impressions everywhere without much fuss. Before buying, ask yourself, “How often can I wear this?

P.S. Shopping is not a hobby. Stay away from shopping when you are bored.