The short time duration allows for greater focus and eliminates wandering minds. Great leaders and personalities from all over the world have given talks at this conference.

These TED Talks are known to be the most popular talks ever given. 

How Schools Kill Creativity

Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson ripped the traditional public education system in his 18-minute talk. He brings focus on how children naturally creative, get stomped out after jumping on the ‘talent-squandering’ treadmill we call a school. 

Listening to him, he urged a radical change in our teaching strategies. Which included an invitation to children to experiment and make mistakes. Also, his outlier theories is a great way to inspire business teams. 

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are 

Amy Cuddy

According to Amy Cuddy, our body language speaks loud and clear to those around us. Which has a lot to do with our success? The social scientist would definitely have you walking a little taller after listening to her.  

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek challenges people to be revolutionaries, to "think, act and communicate" in ways that are "the complete opposite of everyone else." In his talk, he described a means of communicating "from the outside in," a way to passionately talk about what you care about and believe. He calls it the “golden circle”.

The Power of Vulnerability 

Brene Brown

In her touching, often funny speech Brené Brown reminds us to be true to ourselves. Not many people talk openly about Humiliation, embarrassment and shame, let alone in front of thousands.

The author of five bestselling self-empowerment books, says embracing our imperfections, is not easy, but once you accept who you are, you'll connect with others in deeper, more meaningful ways. 

My Stroke of Insight 

Dr Jill Bolte

This is the story of Dr Jill Bolte when she literally had a stroke. In her deeply personal talk, she pulls us into her eight-year recovery journey. Where she describes how she learned how to walk, talk and think again -- from scratch. Quite simple but so complex: our right minds can be gateways to nirvana, but only if we choose to step out of them.