Screen and drug addictions surge in Ghana, psychiatrist warns

Dr. Eugene Dordoye, a Consultant Psychiatrist affiliated with the Ho Teaching Hospital in the Volta Region, has expressed concern over the rising threat to the mental health of Ghanaians due to an upsurge in screen and sex addiction.

Screen addiction

He specifically highlighted the growing prevalence of betting, computer, and social media addiction within the population, emphasizing the urgent need to address these issues.

Speaking to the media during a mental health advocacy workshop organized by MindFreedom Ghana, Dr. Eugene Dordoye emphasized that prevalent forms of screen addiction include social media and gambling or betting.

He highlighted the challenges associated with these addictions, noting that individuals often perceive betting as a means of making money or even consider it a form of work, overlooking the fact that it is essentially a game and not a legitimate financial endeavor.

Dr. Dordoye additionally highlighted the growing fascination of the youth with Forex trading, which is evolving into addictive behavior as participants aspire to generate profits by investing in various trading platforms.


"Despite the fact that all these activities fall under the category of gambling, young individuals are engaging in them with the belief that they can yield financial gains. Regrettably, it is one of the channels through which we are squandering the physical and intellectual potential of our younger generation," he emphasized.

He called for an increased focus on public awareness to address the consequences of screen addiction. He emphasized the need for concerted efforts to both treat and rehabilitate individuals already grappling with these conditions.

"While the knowledge about these issues is available, our primary challenge lies in the political will and financial resources required to translate these thoughts and ideas into concrete actions. This is where our most significant hurdle exists," he lamented.

Dr. Dordoye also pointed out an alarming increase in drug addiction, encompassing alcohol and substance abuse, with health workers and sickle cell patients misusing prescription drugs. He characterized this trend as a concerning development for public health.


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