How to make your man miss you and want to always be with you

Men are single minded and focused individuals, and your ability to work on this unique feature, will be a plus on your part.

Guys are like big babies. It is possible to get your man eating from your palms literally without any under handed or crafty means.  Your relationship can grow and be exciting if you will let go of every stereotype and embrace these ideas.

1. Don’t judge him: If you always encourage your man and act as a pillar of support to him, when he makes mistakes, you will certainly win his heart. I do not mean you should condone acts of unfaithfulness, mediocrity, laziness or physical abuse. Always be there for him. Give him a shoulder to cry on.

2. Give him attention: Make him feel he is the centre of your world. Don’t come off as clingy though. Listen to him carefully when he talks, pay attention to his hair cut, shirts and all. Pay him great comments about his looks and all.

3. Boost his morale: Every guy wants a woman who can appreciate him and inflate his ego once in a while. Do not patronise, but fan the fires of his ego by saying words like; You know how to dress. You’re an intelligent guy-even if he is not-(laughs). But the key is to make him always feel cool about himself, like he is your superstar.

4. Have a good self-image: You attract what you project. If you do not love yourself, you will certainly attract someone that will never love you, no matter what you do. This is important.

5. Use a commanding fragrance: Guys are good, when it comes to using their imaginations. So, always use a fragrance that lingers long after you leave him.

These tips will surely make your man miss you. He will always want to be with you always.


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