4 sex misconceptions that most men believe

Misconceptions about sex are more rampant than we would like to admit.


This gives birth to a lot of myths and misunderstandings that float around and destroy people’s perceptions of sex.

Being such a primal need, sex should not suffer from unnecessary stigma or rumours that can make it a bad experience for people. For instance, there are many sex myths men still believe that put undue pressure on them and change how they feel about it in general. For men, these points are just misconceptions and they must be ignored.

  • Your penis must be thick and long

Size has very little to do with giving pleasure to your woman. If men were to do a little research about the vagina, they’d learn that only the outer part of the vagina, which is about 2 inches in depth, has any sensation. The inner part of about 4 inches does not have any sensation. So, realistically speaking, a normal, erect penis of 2 inches is more than enough to satisfy your lady.

  • Women do not enjoy sex as much as men do

Who said that women do not like sex? In our culture, because of the male dominance in society and also because the rules are different for men and women, it only appears so. Both men and women are sexual beings. They both love mating. While the libido of individuals may differ, it has got very little to do with their gender.

It is only because women by nature are submissive, it appears that the one who makes the first move enjoys and wants sex more than the other. Good sex is enjoyed by women too. Women can have the same levels of libido as men.

  • You must go a longer period (up for 2 hours non-stop) to satisfy the woman

This is one of the six biggest sex myths. The longer you do it, the better and more fun it is – this is just utter nonsense. An average intercourse session can last between 7 and 13 minutes, and in fact, the time for which you have intercourse has very little to do with getting an orgasm for both men and women.

Sex has to be a well-rounded experience for it to be pleasurable. Kissing, foreplay, going down on each other, rimming, body play, all are a part of sex. So you don’t need an erection all the time. As long as you are into the act and enjoying it, you are sure to satisfy your partner.

Such misconceptions about sex can truly ruin one's experience. Intercourse is just another small part of sex that may or may not lead to a climax. As long as you enjoy the entire session and are able to have intercourse for an average time as mentioned above, you are good.

  • Masturbation decreases libido

This myth is actually the opposite of reality. Masturbation is absolutely healthy, and in fact, it boosts libido in men. The release of testosterone and ejaculation keep the system healthy. Men who masturbate will rarely have erectile dysfunction or other sex-related problems. Masturbation comes with many benefits, such as good sleep, reduced stress and an increase in libido and arousal. Therefore, it’s not something to feel guilty about. It is absolutely normal!


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