4 sexual fantasies women often have

Sex is a major part of every person’s life and it is essential that one derives maximum pleasure from it.


Women have a higher sex drive than men most of the time and they can often keep daydreaming about all the dirty things to do with their partner. They just can’t stop thinking about their sexual desires and fantasies.

So, men if you are struggling to figure out what your woman has been fantasising about lately, here are some common sexual fantasies that women have always:

Sexual fantasies and desires are a part of every person’s thoughts and despite the notion that women are shy in bed, you would be surprised to know the different types of sexual fantasies that women dream about.

  • Romance

Women think a lot about passion and romance. They find it to be an important part of a relationship and that also includes sex. Women love it when men attempt to bring romance into sex.

  • Rough sex

Women love the idea of rough sex where their partner can control them in bed and even include whips and chains to make it all exciting. Some women even like to think about BDSM i.e bondage play with machoism and sadism induced in it. Sometimes the idea of being submissive arouses women a lot.

  • Orgy or threesome

This is something not many people will admit but is one of the most common fantasies out there. Women, especially love to fantasise about sex with multiple people at a time, as a part of something experimental or fun. Threesomes or orgies can be sensual fantasies that women often think of.

  • More sex

Don't assume she's not in the mood. Have sex more often with her like a chore. Seduce her, turn her on and make love.

Dress up. Make an effort, like when you were first dating. Relax and have fun, keeping the tone flirty and romantic. Turn on the charm and curiosity as if you just met. And make love to her as often as you can.


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