Bachelorette party is one of the happiest days in our women’s life. Trusted friends from childhood, school and career met to plan a party in your honour before your nuptials.

Appreciate your girls for their time and efforts to spend the weekend with you.

Let me them how much you value their relationship by gifting them something they can either use throughout the weekend, bring back home, or, even better, both.

Keep reading to check out the list and share your thoughts with us.


Are you having your party at a hotel with a pool or beach? Then get your squad stunning and Insta-worthy swimsuit to make the day a memorable one with pics all over social media. 

Bluetooth water bottle with speakers

Keep your girls hydrated to avoid a crippling hangover. Also, you have a lot to talk and laugh about before you walk down the aisle. 

An initial necklace pendant

Every lady loves customised pendant especially if it signifies the special bond between her favourite girls. You can either choose a matching or different ones depending on the attendee’s style.


What girl doesn’t love a beautiful tote bag? Perfect to carry your cosmetics and hair creams when you have an appointment with your beautician or fashion designer. It’s very classy and handy.

Manicure kit

Chances are you'll be hitting the town all weekend so why not glam your gals up along with you? It’s always advisable to visit the salon for manicure and pedicure but learning how to get things done at home saves time especially when you are late for an event and you need a quick fix.