5 best sex tips for older couples

As we grow, a lot of things change in our lives including our sex life.

Older couple

With time, sexual desire and the need to have sexual intimacy in a marriage diminishes.

There are couples who, however, find pleasure in sex and want to keep the fire alive in their relationship.

  • Take it slow

As people age, their bodies may not be as flexible or agile as they used to be. So it is very important to take enough time to enjoy the process of intimacy without feeling rushed or pressured. Taking it slow can make it more relaxing and give the couple time to feel the pleasure build up.

  • Use lubricants 

Lubrication wins! With age, bodies may produce less natural lubrication, which can make sex pretty uncomfortable and painful. Using a lubricant can help reduce discomfort and make the experience more enjoyable. Soon, you and your partner might just make lubrication your go-to tactic for sex.

  • Try different sex positions 

If a couple is struggling to have sex by engaging in the same sex positions they once used to do, it can be quite the challenge. In such a situation, opt for sex positions that are more comfortable like missionary, spooning, etc. Sitting on top of your partner and slowly grinding your hips can also be a great way to let all the pleasure in.

  • Focus on pleasure

Older couples should remember that they may not be able to orgasm like they used to when they were younger. So, if you and your partner focus on achieving orgasm when you have sex, it can get tiring. Instead, focus on pleasuring each other. Explore each other's bodies, kiss, touch, and enjoy the moment.

  • Have time for intimacy 

With busy schedules and responsibilities, it can be easy to put intimacy on the back burner. However, making time for intimacy is important for maintaining a healthy marriage, especially when you both are inching towards your older age. Set aside time for each other and make intimacy a priority. That’s how you will be able to keep the spontaneity and excitement alive in the marriage.


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