5 easy diet tips that can do wonders for every bride-to-be

The wedding season is here and brides-to-be are feeling the pressure to look their best on their big day.

Bride and her maid

Some brides even go to extremes to get into an enviable shape. But it is important to remember that happy brides are the prettiest, and you need to take it easy.

If you are a bride-to-be and confused about the right tips to follow to shine on your day, here are some real tips.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

We all know it but do we also follow it? If you have a guilty face right now, it’s time to make the extra effort and put reminders to have water. It’s possible to forget to hydrate yourself until you start feeling really thirsty, so, put reminders.

  • Say no to sugar

Sugar is just empty calories, which you really don’t want to consume before your important day when all eyes will be on you. Also, do not substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners. Put your tooth aside and give yourself a no-sugar day, until your wedding day.

  • Do not have packaged food

Give up all the processed and frozen foods. You should not stuff your body with unhealthy food that can easily show up on your face (pimples).

  • ​Eat healthy

Eat more greens, fruits and protein-rich foods to get energy. All the running around during the pre-wedding preparations can drain you, so make sure you replenish your body with healthy foods.

  • Limit your alcohol intake

No party is complete without booze, but be a little cautious when your wedding is around. Too much alcohol can make you feel dehydrated, nauseous and can lead to vomiting in some cases. This may make you look pale.


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