The location shot

A photo that showcases your chosen destination, of course, tops the must-take list. Visit the tourist sites or recreational centres wherever you find yourselves that take a beautiful shot.

Sunset photo

Sunset photos are flooded on Instagram because they are beautiful and we can’t stop staring at the love in the couple’s year.

Golden light, a tender glow, those last rays of sunshine lingering on the skin...that dense, warm light creates a very special romantic atmosphere for a photoshoot.

The cosy shot

Bonding is very important during the honeymoon. Regardless of where they decide to spend their honeymoon, every couple should have a super cosy, cuddly honeymoon photo or two. Relax, breathe, look into each other’s eyes, and savour the moment.

Just relax

The wedding is overtime to relax! Engage in more fun and less formal activities before you head back to your new home. Be sure to capture some of that vacation relaxation on camera.

A playful pose

Honeymoon is not all about getting orgasms. Have fun outside your hotel room. Dance on the street, try new recipes, go window shopping and engage in other exciting things. Don’t forget to snap nice pictures which create a genuine expression of bliss and laughter on camera.