Parents play a great role before and after their children’s weddings. Your wedding day is also a big day in their lives. 

Acknowledge and honour them for all the sacrifices they made to get you this far. 

Before you walk down the aisle, celebrate the man who has made you the happiest man by giving away his daughter’s hand in marriage to you.

Here are 5 thoughtful gifts you can surprise him before the relationship before official.

Duffel bag

Do you want to be in his good books? Get him quality duffel bag for all his weekend trips large enough to carry all his essentials. Look out for a bag with partitions to keep him organised and clean. 

Stuff the bag with some of his favourite goodies, a note pad, power bank and a bottle of wine.

A basket full of quality wine

Select some of the world’s wine collection and tuck it into an engraved wooden box 

You could also purchase a decanter so he can serve something from his collection in style.


It’s good to have a father-in-law with an impeccable fashion sense. You will be encouraged to step up your fashion game anytime you hang out together. Whether you go for classic aviators or a more modern all-wood pair, he'll look sharp seated front-row at your outdoor ceremony.


Even dads love to lounge on weekend mornings after their gym sessions. Buy trendy and quality new robe and slippers for him.

Laptop bags

A carry-all tech and travel essential is a must-have. The perfect laptop must be designed to carry a laptop, smartphone, chargers, and so much more.