5 ways women control their men without uttering a word

Is your girlfriend controlling you? Find out.

Your woman may be subtly controlling [SowetanLive]

For healthy relationships, communication is key. If you find your thoughts and actions consistently directed or limited by your girlfriend, it might be a sign of control.

Also, consider the emotional atmosphere of your relationship. Is there room for open dialogue, or does your partner's influence lead to a sense of restriction? Control can manifest in subtle ways, like dictating how time is spent, who you interact with, or even what you wear.

Let's discuss subtle signs that may indicate that your girlfriend is crossing the line from partnership to control.


Through facial expressions and body language, your woman may manipulate how you feel, subtly guiding your decisions and actions. For instance, imagine your girlfriend consistently sighing when you spend time with friends. This non-verbal cue might make you feel guilty, manipulating you to stay home instead of being with your friends.

When women have unspoken expectations, they create a set of anticipated behaviours. This can strongly influence men without directly talking about it. For instance, if your partner expects you to handle all household chores without saying so, you might end up doing them without a clear conversation about who does what.


Not showing love or attention can be a strong way to control. When women deliberately hold back love or intimacy, they might guide the direction of a relationship. For example, imagine your partner stops being affectionate and gives you the cold shoulder when she wants to get something from you. This subtle manipulation relies on the desire for affection, making you more likely to do anything she wants to regain that closeness.

When your partner purposely stays silent after an argument, it can leave you feeling confused, anxious and worried. This purposeful silence creates a scenario where the unspoken dictates the direction of the relationship.

When approval depends on some actions, your woman can influence the decisions you make, creating a feeling of control. For example, if your partner only shows happiness when you follow her specific instructions, she is using conditional approval to guide your behaviour, subtly steering the relationship in the direction she desires.


If any of the above-mentioned signs resonate, it might be time to have an open and honest conversation about boundaries and what you expect from each other.


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