7 things you can do if your partner starts getting too close to their ex

When your partner starts getting too close to their ex, it can stir up a mix of emotions and concerns. Here’s an engaging approach to handling this delicate situation:

9. You disrespect yourself.

Before addressing the situation with your partner, take some time to understand your own feelings. Are you feeling jealous, insecure, or perhaps threatened? Acknowledging these emotions can help clarify what you need to discuss with your partner.

Open communication is key in any relationship. Approach your partner in a non-confrontational way.


Express your feelings calmly and clearly without making accusations. For instance, you might say, “I’ve noticed you’ve been spending a lot of time with your ex recently, and it makes me feel a bit uneasy.”

Discuss what both of you consider acceptable behavior regarding ex-partners. Setting clear boundaries can prevent misunderstandings and ensure that both partners feel comfortable and respected. Remember, boundaries are not demands but agreements that respect both partners’ feelings.

Building and maintaining trust is crucial. Encourage an environment where both of you can share your feelings without fear of judgment. Trust is not just about being faithful, but also about being open and honest.


Try to understand why your partner wants to maintain a friendship with their ex. Sometimes, these relationships can be purely platonic and based on mutual respect without romantic feelings. Understanding the nature of their relationship can alleviate concerns.

Use this situation as an opportunity to assess and strengthen your relationship. Are there areas where you could improve communication or intimacy? Often, insecurities can be mitigated by reinforcing the connection between you and your partner.


If the situation is causing significant distress and you're unable to resolve it together, it might be helpful to seek guidance from a relationship counselor. They can provide neutral advice and help you navigate complex emotions and situations.

Navigating the waters when your partner is close to their ex can be challenging, but with open communication, mutual respect, and clear boundaries, it’s possible to maintain a healthy relationship.

Remember, it’s okay to seek help if you find it overwhelming. Your feelings are valid, and addressing them directly and respectfully can lead to a stronger partnership.


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