Adjetey Anang’s successful marriage tips: Lesson 5 (Domestic duties is a shared responsibility)

Adjetey Anang says that the house chores are not done by his wife alone, it’s a shared responsibility which has driven their marriage to succession. 

Mr and Mrs Anang

According to him, she likes to cook but doesn’t like doing the dishes so he takes over that part of the work when he comes home to warm homemade meal. 

He advised couples not to be strict with domestic work in the home because this could cause unnecessary stress on top of their tight schedules already. 

Adjetey wrote, “I bath, feed and do my son's homework with him and put him to bed before she gets home from work sometimes. It's our home and our son, so we share what's got to be done.

Although Adjetey Anang’s fifth lesson may come across as ‘feminist’ it has helped him successfully on his 12-year marriage journey. 


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