Adjetey Anang’s successful marriage tips: Lesson 7 (Be a winning team)

Adjetey Anang’s lesson 7 for a successful marriage restates the power of teamwork in building strong relationships. 

Adjetey Anang and wife

If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together, Adjetey Anang advised couples to learn the basics of teamwork in all aspects of their lives. 

He observed that although this might be a difficult step for some men it is very necessary to keep the relationship going. 

He said he had to learn how to appreciate his wife’s contributions which ultimately lead them to build a strong team. And I quote, “So hard as it was, I learnt not to handle stuff alone cos she sees things I don't see and things I take for granted… so we share our doubts, fears & daily happenings and it feels great that we're a team!”

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