Adjetey Anang’s successful marriage tips: Lesson 8 (The home should be a safe haven)

The home is the one place couples should feel safe away from the world. Adjetey Anang’s successful marriage tip throws more light on this. 

Adjetey Anang and wife

In his quest to help other couples enjoy the most out of their marriages, Adjetey Anang shared his 8th lesson with an emphasis on the home.

According to the actor, couples have to thrive for a peaceful home to promote the growth of their relationship. He added that the atmosphere should provide the sanctuary from the chaos of the world. 

He said, “Sometimes she returns home stressed & sometimes crying. All I do is listen...despite my own load of the day, I give her a listening ear & ensure that she goes to bed knowing that if she has nothing at all if all fails, she still has me!”


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