Adjetey Anang’s successful marriage tips – Lesson 10 (Beautiful words, create beautiful relationships)

According to Adjetey Anang saying beautiful things about your spouse contributes to having a successful marriage. 

Adjetey Anang and Elorm Anang

The Ghanaian actor says that the effect of appreciating your partner through words is as effective in marriage as it was during courtship. 

He observed that after marriage and after seeing one’s flaws for a long time, beautiful words have much more meaning and seem more real when spoken. He said, “We learnt that saying beautiful things to each other doesn't have to be restricted to courtship. And in fact, it's more beautiful, more real and more meaningful when you know each other so well… when you say "I love you" it means "I love you IN SPITE of..." instead of "I love you BECAUSE of..." 

These relationship tips are to commemorate 12 years of a fruitful marriage with his wife, Mrs Elorm Anang. According to him, they decided to share these experiences to help others on their marital journey. 


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