Adjetey Anang’s successful marriage tips – Lesson 2 (Find the silver lining in every dark cloud)

Should your relationship end after a big fight? According to Adjetey Anang, the answer is a big No. He urges couples to see the positives when everything seems gloomy. 

Adjetey Anang and wife

The Ghanaian actor also shared the strategy they used to fight against obstacles us a team. He said the most important question during hard times is to ask yourself if you still want this.

Adjetey said sometimes they did feel like giving up especially after being childless with the pressures of society weighing them down, but they still found the strength in each other. 

Gathering from his story, he mentioned that his marriage was not without fights. And he cited that the biggest fight he had with Elorm was when she was pregnant. According to him, this fight was supposed to be the deal breaker but they stayed and worked it out. 


He wrote “When she was pregnant, we had one of the biggest fights we've ever had, one which could have spilt us up forever.... but somehow God took us thru & taught us lessons we'll never forget... So when we have challenges now, we remember that nothing is impossible, once we can work at it together


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