First dates can range from horrifying, to mind-numbingly boring, to incredible.

Sometimes, it feels like it is luck of the draw, but there are things you can avoid to make sure you first date won't will scar you, or  your date, for life.

Here's what to avoid:

One: Talking about you ex. It's boring and awkward and makes you sounds like you are still into him or her.

Two: Talking about your 'weird' dreams or nightmares, unless the person you are with made an appearance in your dream. Even then, that's not a good topic on a first date.

Three: Being sleezy and letting your eyes wander, and then linger, on your date's assets.

Four: Your phone. Keep it in your bag, or pocket. Unless the date is so terrible and you need to escape with the old 'someone really needs my help' trick, constantly checking your phone is distracting and rude.

Five: Expectations on intimacy. If it happens it does, if doesn't then who cares? Respect your date and their wishes.

Six: Being a showoff, dominating the conversation, or only talking about yourself. That's one way to bore your date, and ensure they won't be interested in another one.