10 ways to know someone has a major crush on you

If you are the first person he remembers and wants to talk to when his brain is barely functioning after a night out with his friends, have no doubt about the fact that he’s completely into you.


1. He genuinely wants to know more about you and your life

It could be anything from what your favourite colour is, to how close you are with your parents or sibling.

They just can’t get enough of your stories and could spend hours talking to you without getting bored or distracted by their phone.

2. He opens up to you

He shares details about his life and not only superficial things like hobbies or what he does for a living. Instead, he actually opens up about his childhood and tells you about his personal life.

This could be anything from what his family is really like or his previous relationships and also about his close circle of friends. By doing this, he is actually investing in you by letting you into his life with such intimate details.

3. He compliments you

When the two of you hang out together, one of the first things he does is compliment you on how good you look. He might point out how your hairstyle really suits you or tell you that you’re pretty or beautiful. This is another sign that he’s definitely interested in you.

4. He regularly initiates conversations

If he is the first one to regularly text or call you during intervals between each date, it means you’re on his mind throughout the day. Along with that, if he actually makes an effort to keep the conversation going on WhatsApp or Facebook chat, it means he likes talking to you and enjoys your company.

On the other hand, if there are long gaps between each date and little or no conversations via instant messages or phone calls, he might just not be that into you no matter how ‘busy’ he claims to be.

5. He asks you about your day (and actually listens!)

When someone is truly interested in you, they want to know all about your day and how you think it went. The question was not a mere formality and he also shares about what happened at his workplace or a particular incident that takes place on his way to work.

In fact, whenever anything interesting happens in his life, he is excited to share it with you and see your reaction.

6. He remembers the small details about you

He will  pick up your favourite snack before meeting you because he remembers that you mentioned how you crave for it regularly. He also remembers things like your favourite pizza toppings and what sauces you like best with your food.

7. He is slightly nervous around you

Does he seem a little fidgety and nervous when you meet him? This is another sign that he was really looking forward to seeing you again. This is definitely a positive sign if both of you are still in the initial stages of dating or meeting each other.

8. He goes out of his way for you

When you’re having a bad day, he will go out of his way to cheer you up. If he’s genuinely into you, he won’t make any excuses and instead, actually put in the effort to be there for you.

If he’s always accessible via phone calls or messages when you really need to talk though he’s busy with work, there is absolutely no doubt that you have found a keeper. This is because working long hours does not affect relationship.

9. He calls or messages you when he’s drunk

10. He makes future plans with you

If he books concert tickets for the next month or makes plans with you to watch the first show of a movie that will release only a few months later, he intends on making you a part of his future plans and wants to experience new things with you.



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