5 signs your bf and your bff are secretly in love

Watch out for these signs if your man and best friend are a little too close for your liking.

Such a coincidence. Your boyfriend and your friend constantly go the washroom whenever you go on dates at the same time nonetheless, some it fishy.

She takes his side in arguments

Watch out when she starts breaking the girl's code. Ideally, best friends must support each other no matter the circumstance.

They stand strong and fight relationship battles together. Discreetly, she pinpoints your flaws and how to get your things together.

Suddenly, if your best friends betray you in a midst of heated argument with your man, then you should know her allegiance has changed. Possibly because they have feelings for each other.

He constantly compares the two of you

Every individual is unique in a special way, individual strength and weakness. It’s a bad habit to compare your girlfriend to other women. Don’t waste her time, if she isn’t good for you, go after your heart beat.

She’s his biggest fan on social media

Why would your girlfriend be stalking your boyfriend’s on social media? She is the first to like, comment and shares his post on social media, then what they have is more than friendship.

She sells herself when he’s around

If your girlfriend takes advantage of every situation or moment to present herself as the woman of substance in her presence, you should fasten your seat belt for the competition ahead.

She is selling her good qualities because there is a potential suitor in the room.


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