For couples: 6 basic reasons you shouldn’t be financially dependent on your partner

Whether single or in a relationship, it s important to be financially independent.

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Finances are an area that can be a minefield since money can be the source of many marital arguments. As uncomfortable as some of us are with discussing finances, you need to be clear on how you view money with each other.

Financially dependent relationships are relationships where one partner has an unstable or low income and insufficient savings. This puts him or her in a fragile position.

Financially dependent relationships hurt everyone involved. Hence it is important to be financially stable before venturing into any relationship.

Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t be financially dependent on your partner:

  • There will be problems with the power dynamic

It is true that whosoever has the money, has some level of power and authority. This stands true in every aspect of life, including relationships. When your partner has all the financial decision-making power, you won’t feel as though you have any say in the relationship.

  • There is a loss of control

When your partner makes all the money, they make all the big financial decisions. If you want to go out and treat yourself to some expensive new shoes, you will feel as though you are asking for an allowance from them. This loss of control over your own spending will start to feel as though you have lost control over your life.

  • You might feel as if you owe them something

If they do something that hurts your feelings but they bought every single thing you are wearing and the food you eat, you might feel as though you don’t hold any power in the relationship to say anything. Also, you might start to think that because they pay for everything, you have to go the extra mile in the relationship all by yourself.

  • You will have no exit strategy

Some people just fall out of love and if you happen to be in one of those relationships, staying with someone for financial security is unfair to both of you.

  • They could use it against you

Arguments and fights are bound to happen in relationships. In the event that you and your partner get into a big disagreement or fight, they can use the fact that they pay for everything against you. Because of this, you might feel as though you are forced to fold.

  • Your self-worth may suffer

Everyone likes to feel productive and needed. If you don’t work at all and are completely dependent on your partner for every single cent you spend, you might start to feel as though you are not good enough or doing enough in the world.


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