The secret to a happy marriage

Men and women view intimacy differently in terms of communication

Happy Couple

How can couples make a happy marriage? Apart from the usual tips like communication, listening, better understanding, doing house chores, making decisions as a team, what are other qualities?

Men and women view intimacy differently in terms of communication. Women love face to face communication unlike men who like side by side activities.

This is why men become shy when a woman walks up to him for a conversation, they'll rather meet a woman on their own terms.


In terms of duties, men don't pay attention to details while women are all about details. A woman feels her man loves her when he tries to do house duties like she wants it to be.

Having date time with your partner every week. Find something  new, interesting and exciting. In truth, there's no formula for happiness. In order to get love, you need to be lovable.

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