Sex is not a Valentine’s day gift – if only this could be said enough.

Sex has never been an appropriate stand-alone present to give your partner as a special occasion gift - not yesterday, not today, not on your anniversary night, not on the harmattan nights of Christmas and surely not on Valentine’s day!

It does not work that way and it is wrong to have this mentality.

The only time sex MIGHT be a gift is if you are a virgin and you decide to give it up to your partner.

For people who make a big deal out of such things, that first time [especially if you held on to it till marriage] could be considered a gift.

Sex is important in your relationship. [Sexville]

Sex is a big deal

Mind you, this is not to discredit the value and importance of sex in your relationship/marriage.

As a matter of fact, sex is such a beautiful thing; and for all the queens and kings reading this, your body – with the lush curves, delicate dips and all of the rounded contours - is such a wonderful gift from God; a magical temple that is both receptive and able to give such pleasures that words are never able to unerringly describe.

But in a romantic relationship and especially in a marriage, that valued connection that is sex cannot be seen as a gift on special days as Valentine’s.

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Sex is good, but it would be nice to do something more than sex for your man on Valentine's day [Credit: Videoblocks]

But Val's day requires more than sex

What makes special days like Valentine’s truly special is the thoughtful, tangible things that you give your man. Sex is good, too, but you have sex every other time and that kind of removes it from the list of thoughtful things you want to give your boo on February 14.

Here is the thing about days like Valentine’s, anniversaries and your lover’s birthday: they do not [or ideally, they should not] signify that you love them more than other times. Loving your partner is a daily thing, a constantly moving train. The significance of these special days is to just make a show of it. It’s as simple as that!

So if you are going to make a good show of your love for your partner on February 14, the World-approved day of love, does sex sound good to you?

No? Then do better! Get him something else that just as he will [almost certainly] do for you!

After all is said and done, ending the night with sex won't be a bad idea at all! [Credit: Shutterstock]

Plot twist – sex on Val’s day is lit!

On the flipside, the possibility of sex cannot be completely discarded on Valentine’s day.

It has actually been said in a previous Pulse article that all gifts and activities of the day are just one huge, prolonged foreplay leading to the climax after all other gifts have been unwrapped.

So don’t take sex off the table if you feel like doing it with your boo on Val’s day! As a matter of fact, you should make it special, different and absolutely memorable.

However, no matter how memorable or soul-snatching you make that sex, Val’s day will likely not be perfect if you do not get that man a thoughtful, tangible gift, no matter how little.