How to get promoted from side chick to main chick in 6 steps

Modern relationships can be complex and tricky, especially when you find yourself in the role of a 'side chick'.

From side chick to main chick

If you're looking to shift your relationship status, here are some steps that might help you move towards a more central role in your partner's life.

Start by having an open conversation with your partner about your feelings and desires. Expressing what you want from the relationship clearly and honestly is crucial. It's important to know if your partner shares your sentiments and vision for the future.


Understanding your partner’s current relationship dynamics is key. This includes knowing the nature of their primary relationship and what complications may arise. Be mindful of the challenges and decide if you're prepared to handle them.

It’s essential to establish boundaries that protect your emotional well-being. Decide what you are and are not comfortable with in this transition phase. If exclusivity is your goal, communicate this firmly.

Focus on strengthening your emotional connection. Engage in meaningful conversations, spend quality time together, and support each other’s goals. A strong bond can sometimes influence the dynamics of a relationship.


While trying to 'upgrade' your relationship status, consider if this relationship genuinely meets your needs and aligns with your long-term happiness. Sometimes, the desire to change our status blinds us to the relationship's actual value and potential.

Ensure that your relationship is built on mutual respect. You deserve to be treated with dignity and consideration, regardless of your 'title'.

In navigating such a sensitive and complicated relationship shift, it's important to maintain your self-respect and ensure your emotional needs are being met. Be honest with yourself about the reality of the situation and proceed with caution.


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