Strangers pay for entire wedding of British groom diagnosed with cancer [PHOTOS]

Laura and Steven Monks who were friends for 10 years before they became lovers, got engaged in 2013, just three months after the birth of their now three-yr-old daughter, Lydia

Laura and Steven Monks, both 35, tied the knot in a wedding ceremony all paid for by the kindness of strangers after Steven was diagnosed with terminal cancer. A charity helped them organise the big day by asking for donations of flowers, a wedding cake and even a dress by members of the public

A couple had their 'three-year plan' to save for a dream home and wedding burn before their eyes when the groom was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Luckily, kind strangers came to the aid of Laura and Steven Monks, both 35-yrs-old, as they paid the entire wedding bill which had to be pushed three months after the groom was diagnosed.

The couple who were friends for 10 years before they became lovers, got engaged in 2013, just three months after the birth of their now three-yr-old daughter, Lydia.

Laura said they had put their wedding plans on hold and started saving for a house when the news of Steven's stage three bowel and liver cancer came.

The groom had an operation to remove his bowel and started chemotherapy straightaway. However, in April this year doctors told the couple that Steven's condition is terminal.

"We were saving up to buy a house. We'd saved quite a bit towards the deposit. We just wanted a little small cottage, something cosy, we didn't want anything grand and big. We just wanted a home to call our own. We wanted to do that before we got married but everything changed when we got Steven's diagnosis.

"As soon as Steven was diagnosed with cancer, we knew we wanted to get married straightaway. We all wanted to have the same name and we wanted to be a proper family." Laura told Daily Mail.

She continued, "We spent years saving, and looking back now, we wish we had done things in moderation. We've only ever been on one family holiday to Portugal because we were always thinking about saving money.

"Steven was self-employed and he was working six or seven days a week. He looks back and wishes he had been able to spend more quality time with us. Saving was our number one thing, we were always thinking about three years ahead, but nothing could have prepared us for what was going to happen.

"We had a meeting with a Macmillan nurse and she told us about a charity called Gift of a Wedding. She explained that the charity asks businesses and members of the public to donate things such as wedding cakes, name cards, dresses and makeup to couples like us who want to get married quickly.

"It sounded amazing. I called the charity straightaway and filled in an application form, and days later the founder called us to say our wedding had been approved, and we have been busy planning our big day ever since.

"We told our friends and family about us finally getting married and no-one could believe it. They couldn't get over a charity like this even existing. We are so grateful to them for making this happen.'

"Gift of a Wedding put a post about us on their Facebook page and within a matter of days dozens of people came forward offering to donate things towards our big day.

"We had a magician, candy cart, cupcakes, the venue dressing, a DJ, a florist, chocolate, favours, photography, invitations, videography, my wedding dress, seating plan and name cards, hair/make up and nails, wedding cake, a professional singer, as well as a string quartet, a ring cushion, a toastmaster, a photobooth and a wedding car all gifted to us.

'We couldn't believe how kind strangers were being."


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