Here’s why men are putting their heads in a bride’s gown at wedding receptions

The evolution of wedding keeps creating avenues for different activities on the big day.

Garter Removal

Everyone has probably been at a wedding where the single ladies rush for the bride’s bouquet. It is fun and happy as guests get to know the next possible person to host a wedding reception.

What a lot of people don’t know is, just like the bouquet for the single ladies, there is the garter for the single guys.

When weddings started gaining grounds, there was a superstition that owning a piece of the bride’s wedding gown would attract good luck. Guest started taking a piece of the bride’s gown after the wedding ceremony for this luck, giving them nothing to hold on to in terms of a gown memory.

The culture of wearing a piece of garment as part of the wedding dress to be given out as the lucky charm brought about the garter.

A garter is a piece of garment worn on the legs with no specific way of wearing it. For any bride who decides to wear it, the right or left foot is a perfect fit with no rules. Garters now have customizations with the names of the bride and groom embroiled on them.

Wearing a garter started as a means of getting a piece of the bride’s lucky charm. The concept moved from that to being a symbol of newlyweds consummating their marriage.

So, in the eyes of family, friends and all guests, the garter will be given to a person who attended the wedding as a witness of the event.

The removal of garter has now been reserved for the groom. A lot of photos have recently gone viral with many grooms happily kneeling in front of their newly wedded wives to perform the act.

As part of the reception programme outline, a time is set where the groom does this in front of all guests as witnesses.

The groom will then toss the garter to all bachelors at the wedding. Whoever catches the garter is a symbol of who will be the next in line for marriage. The interesting bit of the whole take is the groom removes the garter with his teeth and mouth. Gosh!

So the next time you see a man’s head in the underpants of his newly wedded wife, embrace the concept of catching a garter as the next line of actions to be a married man. Or simply run away if you’re not ready.

Enjoy some videos below.

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