How having a needy partner affects you

It always gets tiring eventually.

Having a needy partner affects the relationship badly... everytime [Pulse Ghana]

If you find yourself dating one of these people, here are some not-so-great things to expect from such relationship:

1. Overly dependent

It is only logical in this situation. A needy partner will be heavily reliant on you for their emotional balance. Someone who is emotionally needy – and worse, needy in other ways – looks to you for much of their wellbeing that it becomes quite unhealthy and bothersome. They want you to make them laugh, keep them company, spend all your time with them, share your money and every other thing with them.

This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it wasn’t done with an overbearing regularity and tiring consistency.

2. Your friendships suffer

Keeping and sustaining healthy friendships become difficult when your partner weaves their lives around yours to an extent where it seems they can’t live without you.

It’s almost obsessive; certainly unhealthy for you – and for them, too!

3. Your relationship with family may suffer too

Your relationship with parents, siblings and other members of your extended family might suffer from this monopoly too.

4. One sided

Another problem with this kind of relationship is that you will find yourself giving so much, pouring in so much of yourself into making things right with him or her, and all they do is take, take some more and ask for even more.

It gets tiring eventually, this cycle of being so emotionally responsible for someone else.


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