How to break up with your partner politely before Valentine's Day

Breaking up right before Valentine's Day is a fresh kind of hell, be careful how you do it.

Break up

Nothing can be more painful than breaking up prior to Valentine's Day.

Even if you and your partner parted ways a few months before V-Day, chances are, that hurt is still fresh if it was a meaningful relationship. And knowing the holiday of romance is approaching can fill you with a unique sense of dread.

What is not meant to be, definitely will not hold and so going for a breakup may be the option.

While breaking up with your may sucks, especially if you are doing that prior to Vals Day, try to do it politely.


Here are some best tips for you:

  • Analyse if that's what you want

Before you break up with your partner, make sure that you actually want to end the relationship.

If you’re having doubts and concerns about your relationship, it’s important to share that with your partner before you break up.

The shock this kind of out-of-nowhere breakup can be very, very traumatizing and very hard to get over. So, having a well-thought-out breakup also means that breaking up shouldn’t be a rash decision made in the midst of an argument or a card you play in an attempt to control your partner.

  • Deliver the news face-to-face

If you feel safe seeing your soon-to-be ex in person, you owe it to your partner to have the breakup conversation face-to-face.

Yes, it's uncomfortable and harder than breaking up over the phone but doing so shows that you care for them and that you care for that relationship.

  • Be direct

Don’t beat around the bush or otherwise hint at the fact that you want to break up without actually saying it. A less direct approach may seem kinder in the moment—but trust, it’s not. The best thing to do is to just say the truth.

  • Keep the focus on the relationship

Address the breakup as a problem in the relationship rather than any shortcomings in your partner.

Couples break up for myriad reasons, but ultimately, it’s the relationship that runs its course, and relationships always take two, so acknowledge your role in it not working out.

  • Plan for some reactions

There’s no surefire way to predict how your partner will respond to the breakup, but you should prepare for a number of reactions.


Convey empathy as you would before the breakup—by a hug or some other gesture of affection while being prepared and accepting of it being declined.


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