How to impress your crush? 8 tips to steal their heart effortlessly

Stay confident, just don’t take anything away from who you are. They will be impressed by your confidence the most.

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Wondering how to impress your crush? Your heart may be pounding, but with the right kind of effort, you’d be able to win anyone over in no time.

When you crush on someone, it can drive you crazy. You might be nervous or shy, but don’t just keep pining over them forever. Instead, do something that catches their attention.

You are worthy of this person’s feelings. Stay confident, just don’t take anything away from who you are. They will be impressed by your confidence the most.

Even with your newfound confidence, you still may be lost for a way into your crush’s atmosphere.

If you have racked your brain and can’t seem to come up with a surefire way to impress your crush, here are eight ways to get your crush’s attention, in a good way:

  • Show off

Yes, no one likes a show-off, but impressing your crush with your mad skills will surely curve their interest. You do not have to be the world’s best vocalist or athlete to reveal what you’re good at.

  • Make them laugh

Whether you are the jokester of your friend group or not, being funny is a key way to impress your crush. So, use the humour that makes you laugh. Imitate a celebrity or maybe dry and sarcastic humour is your thing. Or you can tell the world’s most embarrassing story. Not only will this put a smile on your crush’s face, but it will show your ability to laugh at yourself and have a good time.

  • Talk about your passions

I don’t know about you, but when I see someone talking about their passions and interests, there is an unexplainable glow in their eyes. Hearing someone rave about their family, show you pictures of their pet, or even talking about their job or goals in life is so impressive.

  • Show you are open

In today’s day and age, there is nothing more attractive than someone open and tolerant. And there is no bigger turn off than someone close-minded. Discuss feminism, the pay gap, or even rave about a kick-ass woman.

  • Be polite

Obviously, you are going to be nice to your crush, but showing that you are actually a kind person to everyone around you is sure to impress. Be mindful of those around you, tip well, be respectful to service employees, and your crush will see what a great person you are in no time.

  • Ask questions

Whether you are at a party or on a date, ask questions about them. You might think the best way to get to know someone and impress them is to share everything about you. But there is more to you than what you have to say. Being interested in someone means wanting to hear about them too.

  • Small surprises can make their day

If you’re wondering how to impress your crush, text them midday to bring them their favourite Starbucks at work. Or next time you hang out, bring some doughnuts from the place they said they have been dying to try. Making small gestures like this without being asked proves that you listen, take notice, and act on your feelings


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