Use this simple math equation.

If you have a big budget goal that seems daunting, divide it into smaller chunks that are easier to digest. The simple math trick that makes it all work? Take the sum of your desired budget and divide it by the number of months you have to save up. Getting married in 3 years with a budget of GHC 40, 000? Divide GHC40, 000 by 36 months which equals GHC 1111 per month. If the monthly deduction can’t fit into your budget, then you have to increase the number of years.

Cut back on monthly expenses.

Aside from your health insurance and life insurance, Consider anything that debits you every month if these are must-haves you truly need.

It’s time to analyze other monthly subscriptions if you can sacrifice them for some years to have your dream wedding.

Stop little spending habits that add up.

Scale down your shopping during the months you’re saving. Buy in bulk, look for good deals to save extra cash and you’ll begin to see a little wiggle room for your wedding account in no time.

Make bigger sacrifices, if you're willing.

What are you willing to do to have your dream wedding? If your parents live in the city, you can move in with them considering the proximity to work.

There are some more drastic measures you can take as well. If you both own a car, consider selling one of them—that itself could save you more than GHC 15, 000 depending on the type of the car which could pay most of the expenses.

Use your credit cards—realistically.

If you’re in the process of saving up for the wedding while you’re making deposits to reserve your venue and other vendors, you’re likely going to have to use credit cards. That shouldn’t worry you as long as you’re using them correctly. Credit cards can protect you from fraud and make transactions easier, so we don’t suggest avoiding them entirely as long as you’ve saved up enough, or will have saved up enough to pay them off before interest sets in. But one big thing to keep in mind: Don’t start your marriage off in debt—it’s never a good idea.

Think of creative ways to make more cash and save.

Have you considered freelance work? Delve into the fashion and beauty industry. Set up an online shop to sell makeup products, clothes, shoes and bags at a great price. This can be a great way to supplement your wedding fund. Once you have a plan in place to pay for your wedding, start a wedding budget.