Man finds grandparents' 100-yr-old wedding cake in good condition while cleaning garage

Mr Warninger told ABC news he remembered seeing the same cake in his parents' freezer in their home in the 1950s.

Ronald Warninger came across the 100-year-old cake, left, when cleaning out his garage. It was made for the marriage of his grandparents Harvey and Inez Warninger, right

A man who was cleaning out his garage got the biggest surprise of his life as he opened one of the boxes while trying to take out some items.

67-yr-old Ronald Warninger discovered in one of the boxes, his grandparents' wedding cake which is approximately a 100 years old.

He found the cake which was made with white icing when he opened an old box to check its content.


The cake was made for his grandparents Inez and Harvey Warninger, who wed March 17, 1915.

"My grandparents didn't have a good freezer and my folks bought one of those upright freezers and I remember it being packed in tin foil and being told, "You're not allowed to touch that" but that was it. There was never any plans for it, nobody ever talked about it," he told ABC.

Ronald's sister had asked him if he could try to find the cake early in the year and was unable to locate it despite making time out to search for it.

But he found the cake after he looked again along with a handwritten poem to his grandmother by a friend called Nellie.


"Dear Inez, Remember me when far away, and only half awake. Remember me on your wedding day, and send me a slice of cake," the poem read.

Despite finding the cake in good condition, there are no plans to eat it and the icing had also hardened.

"Just the fact that this cake made it through like this is incredible. It’s in perfect shape. It’s been in and out of freezers and been handled a lot. It’s lived through a couple world wars.

"It is just the top of a wedding cake, but how many people have those all these years later? It’s just like a time capsule. I hope to pass it along to one of my kids and maybe they’ll keep it for another 100 years", Warninger said.


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