A 26-yr-old actress, singer and model popularly called the 'the Kim Kardashian of China' got married last weekend in an £20million ceremony.

The expensive wedding included a ten-foot tall wedding cake, a holographic castle, a custom Dior gown and 2,000 close friends and family.

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Yang, known as Angelababy married a top Chinese actor, Huang Xiaoming in Shanghai. She is known as one of the biggest stars to have come out of Asia.

Angelababy who began her career as a model at the age of 14, wore a custom Dior gown made of satin organza and tulle, which took five months to create.

The couple's cake which reported tool a month to make, was designed to look like a carousel.

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The actress' ring - a huge six-carat diamond from Chaumet, is believed to have cost £1m.

China's biggest names were said to have attended the lavish wedding which obviously costs twice as much as the 2014 wedding of the real Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Florence, Italy.

Guests were given bags full of gifts including mobile phones.

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