Amongst the numerous dreams women have, they dream of having that perfect man who can adore and treat them like the queens that they are.

Unfortunately, not every man is marriageable, just like it is with women. However, women tend to believe their partner will change once they are married to them. This is a big "No", they (men) will only change when they want to and make the effort.

In as much as "human is to error and to forgive is divine", there are some men who shouldn't be forgiven for their vices. If the dude behaves the below ways, my sister, 'run for your life.'

  • Abusive man

Most ladies know better on this one, but a number of them still walk down the altar with an abusive man. Whether physical or emotional, you do not have to put up with an abusive man, you deserve better. Once you notice that trait in him while dating, look for the nearest exit and start plotting your escape map.

  • Perfectionist

This is not just about him being meticulous about everything like his clothes, food, house, and properties. It extends to how he feels about you. A perfectionist would always try to make you perfect, and if it is not working, he would wonder if you are the perfect woman for him or if there is someone out there who perfectly fits into his dream woman.

  • Control freak

Everybody likes to have things their own way. Unfortunately, some men are socialised to express hostility and anger when they don’t get what they want. A man who is a control freak can often become intimidating and even abusive – physically or mentally. Run for your dear life, you don’t need to be controlled by a freak.

  • Relationship novice

Marrying a guy who has never dated anyone before you is a whole lot of work as compared to the one who had several girlfriends before settling down. He would know practically nothing about handling a woman or dealing with a relationship. So get ready to sail the ship if you must marry him. On the other hand, you must question the fact that he has been single all the while, it could be a trap or he might be hiding something from you.

  • A man who still adores his ex

This man professes love to you 24/7 but he still creates time for his ex in the disguise of ‘just friends’. He hasn’t really gotten over her and he keeps comparing you with her at the slightest chance he gets. He can never truly love you like he claims because he still has remnants of her in his system and this will continue even after he marries you.