7 pivotal experiences every woman should have before turning 30

Turning 30 is a big deal for me and to most people. To the ladies you need to have these experiences before you hit 30.


30 is a big deal for me and i know it is for most ladies. For me it's an age to take stock of your life. So i would take stock of the big thing i should have etc. A couple of months ago i realised the little things i am able to do, the things i have and the ones i have come to accept are very pivotal. In other words i don't need to own a three bedroom house or the latest model of car to know i have had a successful 30.  I have 9 of them I want to share with you. Before you turn 30 you should have had these experiences.

You should travel even if it’s around Ghana. There are many of you young women out there that are afraid to travel or you are waiting for the opportunity to come. Trust me the opportunity may never come unless you create one. There is nothing refreshing and revealing than when you travel on your own or with a group of friends or family to see places.  It doesn’t cost so much to do it. Better still plan and save for it, but do it before you hit 30.


I know this may sound a bit too ambitious but 30 you should have a dream job. My dream job is to be a journalist. Even though it is not paying so much as I would want it to, this is what I want to do.  If you do not have your dream job before you clock 30 you should at least be doing something which eventually leads you to getting your dream job.

You should have some investment of some sort.  When I was twenty six I made my first huge investment. But I lost it last year. I still can’t believe it. It’s going to take me some time to get it back but I got myself a backup. I am not where I want to be before my big 30 next year, but at least I am at a fairly comfortable place with my investments and planning every day to do more.

Be comfortable in your own skin! I never understood that till I turned 28. I accepted who I am-a plus size girl with a big head. And my life has been worth living since. I am pretty, I have always known that fact but somehow my weight bothered me a lot. But I have come to realize that it is who I am and so far as I am healthy I am great. So I feel comfortable and I love what I see in the mirror every day. It took me time to get here but you have to get comfortable in your own skin by the time you are 30.

Be able to hang out by yourself and not feel weird about it. You need to find way to make yourself happy. Your happiness is solely dependent on you. You should be able to go to the movies on your own and enjoy it. Sit at the café and get a cup of coffee and take in everything moment. Do this without being on your phone.


I love the "Brave" song by Sarah Bareilles. “Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out honestly i wanna see you be brave”.  Enough is enough. You are turning 30 and you cannot speak what is on your mind? Girl what is wrong with you? People are hurting your feelings all the time and you are afraid to tell them to stop? You need help. See this as a bolster. From now onwards enough of the sexist comments from your boss. Enough of the fat and thin shaming. Stop holding your tongue and “show me how big your brave is”

Waking up after you have screwed up something big and knowing that the world offers another day to do better. Don’t sweat the hard and bad stuff. By the time you turn 30 you should accept that shit happens and there is always the chance to make things right. Happy 30 and beyond!


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