Most men have tried to chat women up with a compliment, but if they ever stopped and really listened to what's coming out, they might think again. Some of the things they say to the women they have personal and working relationships with are well intentioned but just sound a little creepy.

'You have pretty eyes, I wish I had them'

As if they are about to climb across the table and gouge them out of your sockets.

'Your clothes are so soft'

And then to deflect the weirdness they start asking about which fabric softener you use. Have they been on an eternal hunt for a washing additive? No, they just like to feel your body beneath your clothes- or that's the impression they give with their unwanted touch.

'She's going to grow up to be heartbreaker'

And you never show them a picture of your child again.

'Your hair smells nice'

If they can smell your hair, they're too close- back away.

'Someone's been working out'

They touch your upper arm, which is weird enough but just to make it even more awkward they hold on a little longer than is necessary and squeeze to prove their point. Goodbye muscles!

'You're a very lucky man'

Do they think that line alone will make you leave your partner? Because it sure seems that way.

'You have soft hands'

Their handshake always exceeds what is socially acceptable.

'Someone smells nice'

All women know whoever owns up to a new perfume purchase will then be sniffed up close. Everyone pulls their collars up and their sleeves down to avoid this creepy move.

'You have a pretty smile'

And suddenly you become self-conscious that you smile too much or have something in your teeth and that is their way of telling you.

'You have a really pretty laugh'

Which immediately makes you stop laughing.

'I love your name'

You think; 'take it- if you will leave me alone- take it and do what you will with it!'

'You two are going to make beautiful Children'

There are too many assumptions going on here; that you are going to stay with your current partner, that you actually want children and that you care about their opinion on the beauty of their offspring.