Seriously if he wants the relationship to survive he wont cheats; regardless of the form. Cheating is every relationships biggest bane. lets be real; if you truly love your partner will you give them emotional headache and heart breaks?

Below are five ways to repair a relationship after infidelity:

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Let’s be real: Forgiveness is a difficult task. Being cheated on a difficult pill to swallow but if you want to reignite your relationship, the ultimate thing to do is to forgive him. Forgiving him doesn't mean you limit your standard or forget but you move on and hope for the best.

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The couple must discuss the issues surrounding the infidelity and know how to avoid future occurrence of such shameful act.

The affected partner must be pliable when the cheating partner opens up about what made him cheat whether loneliness in the relationship, pure selfishness, peer pressure or lack of self control.

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Everybody deserves a second chance. We all need second chances at one point in our lives. Either you commit or walk away. Don’t be in the relationship with one foot in the sea and one on land.

Start the relationship from scratch; compromise and make sacrifices for the growth of your relationship but be clear on your expectations from your partner.

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Forgiving your partner for disrespecting you and betraying your trust is not enough to bond the broken relationship. The couple, especially the affected one must work on themselves.

Be physically and emotionally ready to move on with the wayward partner in the relationship without having a bad day or experience triggers of the affairs once you see him.

You can’t change the past but you can build a better future together. Once the cause of the infidelity has been brought to light, the couple must find new and existing ways to spice up their relationship.

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