Make-up s*x: Here is why you should have it after a fight

After all the arguments, creating some fireworks of a different kind is the best way to make up.


Even the happiest couples have been known to fight occasionally.

While apologies are important when they're owed, a heated round of make-up sex is one thousand times more fun. A peace-making roll in the hay is certainly the hottest way to smooth things over, but is it always the best move for your relationship?

How makeup sex affects you emotionally

Hot sex is a tried-and-true way to reaffirm your dedication to each other after a disagreement has shaken your faith in your pairing (however temporarily).


It's a physical way of expressing that you're still there for each other. You’re restoring some of the attachment, the closeness, the safety and security that we all seek in a relationship. It’s to help bring whatever you were fighting about into perspective—the priority is your union.

Even if the makeup sex doesn't result in orgasms for you both, she points out that the intimacy of feeling each other's touch causes the brain to release dopamine and oxytocin, or "the cuddle hormone."

Best things about make-up sex

  • You feel more connected

You got through this and it's great. Make-up sex always makes you feel more connected to your partner than ever before. Of course, you survived this too!


Make-up sex is charged with palpable, exciting energy that causes pants to fly off at the mere mention (much like its conflict-turned-lustful twin, breakup sex). Sex after a fight is such a powerful way to connect. It brings us back to what we share in that connection with each other.

  • All the anger you were feeling has already made you (physically) really hot

The feeling you get when you're pissed off and when you're turned on are so similar in terms of your body heat rising and feeling short of breath, so flipping the switch for something good instead of evil (though anger isn't technically evil and is a basic emotion) is kind of like performing a casual miracle.

  • It's a great way to end a fight you had no idea how to end

You ever have those fights where you don't even know what you're talking about anymore but you both seem really annoyed? Kissing the person aggressively is a great way to get away from what was probably a nothing-at-all disagreement and a move toward the bedroom to do it.

  • If something weird happens during sex, you can laugh about it

Laughing during sex always feels so awesome, and laughing helps you release all the pointless tension still remaining in both of your bodies after your very intense and passionate fight about his horrible taste in throw pillows, which he does in fact have. It helps you let go of whatever anger you might still be holding onto.

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